1. Blue Roads

From the recording Blue Roads

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Blue Roads

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Produced, written & composed by ThomC


Like a blind man in front of the sea
I'm painting wishes to set myself free
A window to the living, outside of me

A captain's hand is a door from the creeks
Where the memories have their own family trees
When you lose your heart in the grasp of the deep

Show me the ocean that carries your heart
The sky and the water are your body parts
Inhale the voyage right from the start

Slight boat movements turn to restless nights
When the winds of the vastness put up a fight
Trapped inside the cities where the houses can't be watertight

Now an old man, I can't help thinking why
Those blue roads don't wear the mark of time
Tell me who engineered this miracle of life?

I'm sailing away from the land's gravity
I'm sailing closer to my lifelong dreams