From the recording Morse Code on The North Star

Performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by ThomC in Fleurus, Belgium.
Artwork by ThomC. Mountain picture taken in Bourg St Maurice, France, sky picture taken by Clarisse Rae, Joshua Tree, USA.


It's past midnight, arctic time.
Ultraviolet mirrors, screen of light.
Time capsule in blanket white.
Healing my feet on the world's sublime.

In altitude I'm living
In latitude I'm opening
In gratitude I'm breathing
In longitude I'm remembering

Why is the world out there so bright?
Be brave enough to accept the light.
My gratitude is on par
With a morse code on the North Star.

Stealing oxygen from the trees’ walz.
Rewinding to correct my faults.
I'm a beacon of radiant thoughts.
In an opera of bright hopes.