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Checking Out : Sul Tasto by Visionary Robots Industries

Hi everyone,

The expectation we have of the sample libraries that we work with is that they have a lot of velocity layers, multiple round robins, controls over dynamic expression and more. 

Today's review is about a sound design and…

A Winter Walk : Pattern Strings by Ben Osterhouse

Hi everyone,

After the review of two other Ben Osterhouse libraries (Cello Textures and String Flow) on my YouTube channel, here's the review of Pattern Strings. This review of Pattern Strings is more of a sound demo accompanied by a…

In Depth : Epica Bass by Sam Spacey

Hi everyone,

I like to think think of bass as being the foundation of a record. It brings the percussive and harmonic elements of a mix together, giving them weight, power and some may say, a reason to exist. The…