Time for a Refreshing Break With ThomC! - My First Acoustic Live Session on YouTube!

Hey everyone, 

I had such a great time with you on YouTube this saturday, hanging out and playing songs. I'll be performing again on saturday 27th at 8pm CET (Brussels Time). On Saturday 27th, I'll also be releasing a new song, make sure to check out my instagram stories to participate to the polls that will help me create my next singles! 

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Setlist :  

1. Intro + A Grand Design  

2. House of Postcards  

3.A Moment at Lightspeed  

4. A Sleepwalker in The Streets Intro + The Lunar Wall  

5. Bodies of Concrete  

6. Kemerovo  

7. People Singing From Their Balconies  

8. O.V.E.R.A.G.A.I.N  

9. Give Us The Summit  

10. Morse Code on The North Star  

11. A Better Dance  

12. Talking to Myself + The Cycle of Water  

13. Fuel Me With Your Fire 


Thanks again for this amazing time, hoping to see you on the next one!

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