A new start // No blank page.

Hey everyone,

Lately, I've been working on a series of new songs. After writing more than 100 ideas, experimenting with sounds and beats, I decided to take my acoustic guitar, sit down for a few days and write a new batch of songs that would express what I'm currently feeling. 

Working on a deadline is sometimes the best thing you can do. It certainly helped me achieving a new sense of focus that I had while writing the songs of the new album. 

Those songs reflect feelings and thoughts I've had recently. The loss of close people around me, but also a certain level of violence that is sometimes hard to believe in our modern but ethically-not-always-so world. 

There's also a lot of love put in the new album, a lot of thoughts about the people you want to spend more time with, a lot of thought put into the most fragile moments of life that also make them strong and beautiful.

I will soon be sharing that with you on stage. And I can't wait.


Pic by Steve Collin

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