ThomC recorded his debut album « Human Magnets » with producer David Goffin in Lincoln, UK. After that, he toured in most of the southern part of Belgium but also went to France, in the Netherlands, Germany and Russia. Also, his music has been aired on most of the national radios in Belgium (Vivacité, Classic 21, Pure FM, NRJ) and he played in various well-known venues in Belgium (, Ancienne Belgique, Le Botanique, L’Eden, WEX, Théâtre de Namur…). In 2013, he auto-produced a piano-driven EP called 'Waiting Rooms' that he gave away for free on Soundcloud. 

After starting the promotion of his EP in the UK, ThomC worked on the production of his second album: ‘Lightcharges’. The album took shape as he discovered the work of Nikola Tesla and the era of the world’s amazement to the beauty of universal exhibitions. In 2016, ThomC releases a new single called "The Look Ahead" and later in 2017 his latest EP "The Cycle of Water".

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